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Ingestion acts as the backbone of our decision-making process, pulling together data from various sources like email reports and APIs, each with user-friendly settings. This data is then smoothly transferred to destinations like Gsheet or BigQuery Table, ensuring an effortlessly organized and accessible pool of information for our team’s data-driven decision-making.

Who benefits most from this product?

Digital Media Publishers | Ad Networks | SSPs

In these organisations, Ingestion proves most advantageous for Data/Business Intelligence Teams, decision-makers (Programmatic Heads, Rev Ops, Direct Sales Teams, and Heads of Businesses), as well as Analysts/Lead Analysts (Data, Programmatic Yield)

Pain points we are trying to solve

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Insufficient real-time data accuracy forces publishers with 6-7 partners to spend 2-3 hours on revenue understanding
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Significant time is invested in maintaining and updating recurring reports across various teams on a regular basis
Manually backfilling data for QoQ or YoY reports spanning 1-2 years is time-consuming for Gsheet or BQ.

Our Solution

Automatically pushing the data from various sources into a Gsheet or a BQ table
The product allows users to pull various data points at the desired frequency of the user allowing them to spend less time on redundant areas
The solution offers a backfill function, where for API, users specify start and end dates. For emails, upload a report for destination push.

Why Choose Us ?

  • As an analytics organization serving diverse clients, we recognize the crucial role of real-time, accurate data.
  • Our expertise stems from managing varied data points and understanding the impact of real-time information on decision-making.
  • We possess comprehensive knowledge of essential data points, recognizing their significance and the value they contribute.
Price Advantage & Expertise

Ingestion is priced 40-50% lower than leading market products, with lower setup and maintenance costs. Prioritizing client base and satisfaction, pricing maintains a marginal difference.

Ease of Setup

Designed for user autonomy, our solution enables quick setup and maintenance, reducing import setup time to minutes. It includes pause features for noise reduction in overviews.

Priority Support

Client satisfaction is our priority; prompt support aims to resolve issues within a day, occasionally extending to three days. Long-term problems receive temporary manual fixes.

Easy Data Backfill

We have two backfill methods in case of any issues:

  • Share data report for us to add or use UI to select. UI supports upload for email reports.
  • API offers custom backfill with user-defined dates.
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Intuitive Overview Dashboard

Our dashboard, unlike competitors, offers insights on user-created imports. It highlights errors in failed imports, and our UI troubleshooting page suggests solutions.

Better Security

Security is vital for sensitive data; we prioritize user credentials’ safety. We use temporary service accounts, ensuring no impact on user credentials.

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