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Competition Intelligence Dashboard

Gain Insights! Get an Edge!

  • Do you know what your industry coverage is? Your Gains/Losses over time?
  • Curious about your fellow SSP’s partnerships?
  • Want to discover the next big publisher to connect with?
  • Do you know which publishers you’re working as a reseller only?
  • Curious to know which SSPs are contributing towards your increasing reseller reach?

Expand the Dashboard

Ready to Seize New Oppurtunities!

  • Identify missed opportunities across Tiers
  • Explore partnerships with competitor SSPs’ publishers
  • Initiate direct partnerships with reseller publishers

Identify Your Competition

  • Identify the top-performing SSPs and their coverage across tiers
  • Gain insights into their direct and reseller partnerships
  • Track recent publishers they have gained and lost

DataBeat’s Methodology

  • Going through ads.txt files of the top 10K publishers
  • Cleaning the data by removing invalid and duplicate items
  • Keeping an eye on both direct sellers and resellers
  • Building visuals based on data that actually make sense

Our Products


Real-time Alerting System to identify revenue opportunities and mitigate losses

Ads.txt Validator

Tracks ads.txt lines to help you avoid potential revenue losses


Serviced ETL platform to collate data from multiple sources into your choice data store

Our Clientele

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