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Competition Intelligence Dashboard

Gain Insights! Get an Edge!

  • Do you know what your industry coverage is? Your Gains/Losses over time?
  • Curious about your fellow SSP’s partnerships?
  • Want to discover the next big publisher to connect with?
  • Do you know which publishers you’re working as a reseller only?
  • Curious to know which SSPs are contributing towards your increasing reseller reach?

Expand the Dashboard

Ready to Seize New Oppurtunities!

  • Identify missed opportunities across Tiers
  • Explore partnerships with competitor SSPs’ publishers
  • Initiate direct partnerships with reseller publishers

Identify Your Competition

  • Identify the top-performing SSPs and their coverage across tiers
  • Gain insights into their direct and reseller partnerships
  • Track recent publishers they have gained and lost

DataBeat’s Methodology

  • Going through ads.txt files of the top 10K publishers
  • Cleaning the data by removing invalid and duplicate items
  • Keeping an eye on both direct sellers and resellers
  • Building visuals based on data that actually make sense

Our Products


Real-time Alerting System to identify revenue opportunities and mitigate losses

Ads.txt Validator

Tracks ads.txt lines to help you avoid potential revenue losses


Serviced ETL platform to collate data from multiple sources into your choice data store

Our Clientele


How often is this data updated?

The data undergoes updates every Monday, and this schedule can be altered to individual preferences and requirements.

How large is the domain database and Which geographical regions does the data cover?

Currently, it covers the top 20k domains across the US, Europe, and APAC.

Can I access industry data alongside my SSP coverage?

Certainly, you’ll have visibility into your competitors and peers, industry coverage across various tiers, and relation types for all the geographical regions within our scope.

How does this tool facilitate the discovery of new connections?

Within the platform, the Sales Intelligence section is specifically designed to assist you in identifying all unpartnered publishers/domains where you currently lack a direct connection across all tiers.

Can the tool help me identify competitors active on domains where I currently don't have partnerships?

Yes, In the Sales Intelligence section the second part of the page exclusively covers details of your unpartnered publishers/domains. Within this section, you can select other peers and competitors to see who has partnered with them. The information is conveniently sorted by the volume of each domain, facilitating quicker decision-making.

Does the tool provide insights on reducing reseller/intermediary connections?

Indeed, our platform features a specialized section known as Partner Management, enabling you to pinpoint domains where your line is present multiple times across various SSPs.

Won't cutting down intermediaries potentially impact my revenue?

No, quite the contrary. By adhering to the correct procedures and identifying ineffective intermediaries, you are likely to experience the opposite effect. This process can contribute to a reduction in the number of bad ad requests, thereby improving your revenue per million ad requests.

Can I use the tool to identify the top reseller domains associated with my business?

Certainly, within the Sales Intelligence section, the final segment of the page is dedicated to reseller-only domains associated with your business. These domains are sorted by volume, facilitating a streamlined decision-making process for converting them into direct connections. This, in turn, aids in improving net revenue and reducing ad server costs.

Does the tool highlight misinterpretations in relation types?

Absolutely, the tool effectively identifies misinterpretations by comparing your publishers’ ads.txt and SSPs sellers.json. It specifically highlights instances where “Direct” is inaccurately represented as “Intermediary” and vice versa, showcasing discrepancies for correction.

Do I get to see how many new ads.txt lines were added and removed every week for each SSP?

Within the Gain and Lose section, we provide insights into the number of lines added and removed each week across various tiers. Additionally, the tool distinguishes between Direct and Reseller lines, offering a detailed breakdown of changes over time.

Ready to explore the DataBeat Competition Intelligence Dashboard?