Transparent Operations

Data and Analytics Strategy and Architecture

  • Perform data architecture and needs assessments
  • Define analytics strategy and architecture (legacy/ big data) on both on-premise and cloud platforms
  • Vendor assessments and tool/technology stack selection for data and analyticsneeds
Engineering Services

Managed Analytics and Analysis Training

  • Manage data platforms and processes
  • Monitor analytics KPI performance and tune models
  • Setup analytics COEs and execute analytics programs
  • Train analytics resources and develop skillbase

Campaign Management

Big Data Engineering and Data Warehousing

  • Data model design, data profiling and source system analysis
  • Data extraction, wrangling and transformation
  • Data quality, pre-processing and standardization
  • Implement data foundations (warehouses & lakes)
Top Notch Talent

Advanced Analytics and Visualization

  • Provide data-driven insights and solutions
  • Pilot advanced analytics/data science solutions
  • Build forecasting, optimization, predictive modeling, machine learning, AR/VR and RPA solutions
  • Build reports & advanced visualizations

Tools We Use

Power BI


  • With a very short on boarding cycle, DataBeat team was able to understand our need and became our partner to take ownership of our Campaign Management. Their statistical approach to campaign management yielded great results for us as our campaign revenue grew by 120% and our margin by 160% within two months of DataBeat coming on board.

    Jason Feffer, VP Revenue Operations
  • Partnering with the DataBeat team has had a great impact on Tribune’s digital business. They quickly onboarded complex/large data sets, and understood the subtleties of the business. Not only are they expert number crunchers, they’ve also shown they understand how technical issues can have a monetary impact on the business. Stakeholders at all levels of the organization are able to take advantage of valuable insights that have been uncovered. The Databeat team has consistently delivered quick and reliable results.

    Sr. Director, Revenue Ops





Define goals and business problem

Kick Off2


Build pilot to demonstrate solution & business case

Training & Access3


Industrialize/scale pilot at enterprise level

Ramp Up4


Provide managed analytics services

WHY DataBeat?

Our subject matter expertise and deep practical experience in deploying analytics solutions
has made us the trusted partner for our clients


Content Analytics and User Interest Recommendation

  • The client is a leading content marketer in Finance industry. They wanted to build a robust solution, that would identify future trending topics and help their content writers publish relevant conent and also for the advertisers to use these insights to target users based on interest (visits) and engagement (clicks)
  • The project was split into 3 phases - 1) Web Scraping 2) Topic Modelling 3) Forecasting
  • Web Scraping - From the article URLs the client’s users were reading, content was scraped from the web for over a million URLs
  • Topic Modelling- From the content scrapped from each URL, the topics belonging to Finance industry were classified into 45 topics (Stocks, Bonds and Cryptocurrency) using the LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) algorithm. Each Finance article was assigned a topic based on the weightage of keywords in the content
  • Forecasting- Using advanced predictive models (S-ARIMA, LSTM RNN), forecasted the users, visits and clicks by topic to help predict user interest in future
  • Topic modelling strategy showed better accuracy than the client's existing topic classification model and also the 3rd party vendor they were evaluating (e.g- Diffbot). Accuracy of our model was 84% vs 62% Our predictive model results helped client’s content writers generate content on relevant trending topics

Pricing Rule Administration - Automation

  • The client has multiple partners and need to administer pricing rules on each partner's UI on a daily rules to optimize price. They wanted to eliminate the manual work by automating most of the work and approached DataBeat for a possible solution
  • Gathered all the partner UI information and their strategy to update prices on a daily basis
  • Built a bot that would open each partner's UI and download rules and reports out performance and suggests prices based on the strategy input by the client
  • Bot completes the process by writing back the approved changes into the partner's UI
  • Suggested pricing optimization models to improve revenue
  • Saved 95% of the manual effort spent by the client on this activity on a daily basis Solution enabled the client to spend more time on the strategy to change prices and monitor the changes real time

Inventory Forecasting

  • The client is a leading publisher in the US market and was looking to build a platform that could integrate their campaign data (log level) from Google’s Double click for Publisher platform and all third party data and to be able to forecast inventory
  • Gathered all the partner level information from the client
  • Streamed data from different partner and Google's DFP to GCP and Big Query environment
  • Built a single data stream to analyze patterns in the data
  • Built a forecasting model using historical trends to predict inventory patterns across geographies
  • Developed visualization to depict the results from the model built for easy interpretation
  • Optimizations led to an increase in 20% revenue and Inventory Performance improved by 60% "Databeat’s team is top notch. They are data savvy, highly responsive, and know digital media. They have over performed on every project we have worked with them on." - CEO

Data Visualization for Performance Measurement

  • The client is a major media publisher in the US. They wanted to build dashboard in order to gain visibility of their operational performance
  • Gathered client requirements and identified different sources from where the data is streaming
  • Divided the project into 2 phases 1) Data Gathering phase 2) Data Visualization phase
  • Data Gathering phase: Client has 20+ partners from where the data needed to be gathered, and proposed a third party platform to stack data from all the partners after which we built a single data source that would be used for visualization
  • Data Visualization phase: Proposed 3 types of dashboards; daily, monthly and yearly, each of which focuses on overall business, revenue performance, what worked and did not work for the client, on a daily, monthly and yearly view
  • Client has now the capability to review business regularly from a single platform
  • The dashboards have helped the client to identify gaps in technology that impacted revenue and enabled them to overcome the technical challenges

Collaborated Training in Extended Reality

  • The client is looking to conduct interactive and collaborated trainings in extended reality to reduce the human effort such as salesmen, and trainers using avatars and 3D recordings
  • Created an extended reality environment using grids, where distance was measured with map points and scaling using movement and rotatio
  • Created custom objects using CAD drawings
  • Prepared 3D recordings, PPT/PDFs, shared videos, and annotations with object animations to elevate the collaboration experience within the environment
  • Built realistic avatars which would be interacted with through a virtual reality/screen view mode with 2-way voice support
  • Utilized psychometric analysis and data science to identify user behavioral patterns in the virtual environment including tracking their training progress and efficacy of training
  • Up to 70% reduced travel expenses and 60% reduced review cycles
  • There was a 70% less need for local salesmen and 80% reduced need for local trainers

Support and Maintenance with Augmented Reality

  • The client is looking to optimize the support process of testing and troubleshooting through an augmented reality where maintenance of the system is simplified
  • Created an augmented reality using digital overlays which can be interacted with 2-way real time video streaming and 2-way voice support
  • Prepared PPT/PDFs and videos for sharing with solutions for predicted issues
  • Features to browse the net and other support using voice commands and remote camera sharing
  • Up to 70% reduced travel expenses and 60% reduced issue resolution time
  • There was 400% increase in tickets handled and 80% reduction on local experts needed


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