How DataBeat helped publisher increase their programmatic revenue


The Publisher had issues around programmatic optimizations and approached DataBeat to help execute operations & optimizations to help increase revenue

Our Approach
  • DataBeat took over the UPR floor price management to update the floors based on different strategies like AB testing, UPR bid rejection reason and suggested timely solutions
  • We’ve further investigated to break out UPR rules to multiple levels of inventory (Ad unit, Inventory type, Region, Operating System etc.) such that the floors are maintained based on the inventory(Premium/Non-Premium)
  • We’ve reevaluated optimizations by considering CPM, rCPM, non-monetized rate and suggested based on seasonality
  • We’ve automated the UPR dashboard where necessary in an effort to save time

After passing the AB testing key values on AMP inventory as suggested by the DataBeat Team, we’ve seen positive uplift in the monthly Programmatic revenue by 20%. The overall CPMs increased by 25%. In addition, the increase in revenue enabled better care and support from the SSPs. Not just revenue but in terms of effort, the UPR automation helped the internal teams save time by 60%