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Industrial Safety Monitoring using Video Analytics

By November 30, 2023No Comments


A specialty chemical company had a large number of people working in shifts and the incumbent process involved manned CCTV cameras to monitor breaches but it had limited success as manual monitoring was resource intensive and also not effective

Our Approach

We developed an AI solution that scans live CCTV feeds, identifies lapses in process in real time, alerts incidents, and takes preventive steps to avoid safety risk related incidents. The AI powered video analytics solution enabled object detection, object recognition and motion detection, etc., based on historical trends, pattern recognition, and matching to identify

  • Absence of safety gear – vests, helmets, harness etc.
  • Movement of traffic within the restricted pathways
  • Loitering near hazardous areas


  • Provided a cost-effective solution with limited manpower for CCTV monitoring
  • Improved the level of accuracy in monitoring and identifying incidents/events
  • Provided real-time notifications (via alerts) for prevention of incidents/ breach rather than reacting later

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