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Industrial Safety Monitoring using Video Analytics

By November 30, 2023March 29th, 2024No Comments


A specialty chemical company faced challenges with manual monitoring using manned CCTV cameras to oversee safety breaches in their factories and warehouses, resulting in limited success due to resource intensiveness and ineffectiveness. We introduced an AI solution to address these issues by scanning live CCTV feeds, identifying real-time process lapses, and proactively preventing safety-related incidents


  • AI-enabled identification of safety gear absence, including vests, helmets, and harnesses, enhancing safety compliance monitoring
  • Movement tracking of personnel within restricted areas to ensure adherence to safety protocols
  • Detection and alerting of loitering near hazardous zones, preempting potential risks and ensuring timely intervention


  • Cost-effective solution with reduced manpower requirements for CCTV monitoring
  • High accuracy in incident/event monitoring and identification, improving safety measures
  • Real-time notifications via alerts enable proactive incident prevention, minimizing reactive responses

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