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Plug & Play Remote Teams for Publisher

At Databeat, we empower the publisher, with plug-and-play teams.

  • Boost ad revenue
  • Streamline ad operations
  • Sustainable growth
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You should be making more ad revenue

Floor optimization strategy competitve enough?
Do you have right partners through right integrations?
Do you see discrepancies in your end-of-month report?
Traffic increasing but ad revenue not so much?
You need a partner like DataBeat now!

What Do We Do Exactly?

Yield optimization
  • Root cause analysis – mitigiate campaign issues
  • Floor optimization – best buck for your impressions
  • A/B testing – implement only best for your unique business
  • Ad refresh – make most out of time-on-page and more
Ad Operations
  • Campaign management – for error free deliveries
  • Trafficking – track ads with perfection
  • Site onboarding – for smooth campaigns
  • Quality audit – no mistake goes un-notice
Data & Analytics
  • Dashboarding – all numbers at one place
  • Data cleaning – keeping data clean and reducing discrepancies
  • Automated reports – Save time by automating reports
  • Business Inteligence – Actionable insights from your data
Audience Development
& Management
  • Technical SEO – crawler would love your pages
  • Content optimization – content for target audience
  • Internal traffic redirection – for readers to keep reading
  • Session value analysis – see the difference SEO makes

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