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The client, a dynamic organization handling a diverse array of documents such as contracts and various reports, sought a cutting-edge solution to revolutionize their document processing workflow. Faced with the challenges of manual document identification, content extraction, and information retrieval, they aimed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in handling a multitude of document types.


  • Develop an intelligent system for document identification, text extraction using OCR, and specific information extraction based on predefined keywords.
  • Utilize image processing techniques to efficiently identify and classify document types.
  • Integrate OCR technology for text extraction and implement a rule-based system for extracting relevant information.
  • Implement validation checks to ensure accuracy and seamless integration with existing systems.


  • Drastically reduced document processing time and effort, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Significantly minimized errors associated with manual data extraction, ensuring higher data accuracy.
  • Notable reduction in labor costs and resources dedicated to manual data entry tasks.
  • Ensured compliance with regulations by accurately extracting and validating crucial information from documents.

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