Yield. Connecting Dots - Revealing Profits


The client was good at tracking traffic and revenue over time but hadn’t invested much into optimizing yield. They wanted an initial overview and period-wise reporting of yield to track and help make strategic decisions

Our Approach
  • Created a spreadsheet based dashboard to access performance metrics (traffic, impressions, revenue) over time
  • Provided yield overview to understand RPMs and performance by various pages (home page vs. article page), devices (desktop vs. mobile) and sales channels (sold CPMs by sales people across products)
  • Identified gaps across dimensions by reviewing non-render and unfilled impressions, discrepancy of impressions by various partners

Client for the first time was able to understand the RPMs and performance of their content and performance across channels like device type. This helped the client to take strategic decisions around content/product and sales. Rate card decisions including CPM increases across some content categories and incentives were provided. Guidelines on content around user and commercial interest were provided to editorial. Fixing the non-render impressions helped increase revenue by 15%