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Multilingual Chatbot Integration

By April 29, 2024No Comments
Multilingual Chatbot Integration


The client, a SaaS and cloud-based remote work tools provider, aimed to enhance customer support by developing a multilingual chatbot to assist users across their wide range of products, catering to small and midsize businesses as well as enterprises.


  • Designed and developed a modern, multilingual chatbot for seamless user interaction.
  • Trained the NLP model to comprehensively understand diverse user queries.
  • Integrated Care for smooth customer support handoffs to live agents when needed.
  • Implemented Salesforce integration to store chat history and create dedicated cases for each conversation.
  • Assisted in connecting the client with Salesforce as a third-party CSM, involving custom coding for integration and case creation.


  • Enhanced automated response times and support efficiency for user queries.
  • Reduced agent overheads through well-trained NLP capabilities.

Tools and Technologies : 

  •, Node.JS.

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