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Interactive Chatbot using NLP and Whatsapp Business API

By April 5, 2024No Comments
Interactive Chatbot using NLP and Whatsapp Business API


The pharma-manufacturing client was receiving a large number of product inquiries that their customer support team was unable to handle, and hence were losing leads. They were looking for a solution that will engage with patients to combat this problem.


  • Designed chatbot architecture with Dialogflow and Whatsapp Business API.
  • Utilized NLP for inquiry processing and response mapping.
  • Implemented webhooks for handling intents and retrieving responses.
  • Integrated translation engine for multilingual support.
  • Connected platform with Whatsapp Business API for inquiry monitoring and dashboard creation.


  • Reduced customer support effort by 32%.
  • Provided dashboards for better understanding of inquiry types, enabling informed business decisions.

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