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How viewability and CTR played pivotal in direct campaigns for a publisher

By November 30, 2023March 11th, 2024No Comments
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The client is one of the premium publishers in the US market. Direct advertisers were not happy with campaign performance and the sales team also lacked confidence in their own inventory. DataBeat was tasked to help optimize the CTR and Viewability for direct campaigns

Our Approach

  • DataBeat performed inventory analysis to understand ad units’ performance by device, placement, size and position
  • Recommendations were made for campaign targeting (like ideal ad units to target based on creative size, removing value add below the fold units in sponsorship).
  • A plan was created to fill the missing information against ad units (e.g., a good portion of the high performing ATF units have fold information missing)
  • Clicks analysis showed that nearly 40% of clicks are getting filtered by the ad server. Sections of the site with high filter rate to work with product and ad server were identified
  • Executed the recommendations on 50% of the campaigns for a month


Optimization of direct campaigns led to an increase of viewability by 50% and CTR by 35%

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