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Global Data Integration Solution

By April 25, 2024No Comments
Global Data Integration Solution


The client with global operations running from Australia and US, faced significant challenges due to scattered data across 20 sources and 80 geographical locations. These included data silos hindering a unified view, complex integration issues, varying data quality standards, difficulties in data access and sharing, increased IT complexity and costs, heightened compliance and security risks, delayed insights and decision-making, and inefficient resource utilization.


  • Implemented global data integration solution to consolidate data from 20 sources across 80 locations.
  • Established data quality standards across regions in 12 months for consistent and reliable reporting.
  • Developed advanced analytics and reporting supporting 5+ business units.
  • Overhauled IT infrastructure to reduce complexity and operational costs.
  • Established KPIs to track effectiveness of initiatives.
Global Data Integration Solution


  • Improved data access and sharing efficiency by 60% through standardized data quality.
  • Reduced IT operational costs by 30% in two years while maintaining 99% SLA for global operations.
  • Reduced data quality issues by 70% through standardized data across regions.

Tools and Technologies : 

  • Microsoft Azure, C#, Azure Functions, Azure Service Bus, Azure Topics, Queues.
  • Azure Subscriptions, GitHub Actions, Application Insights, Dashboards, KQL, Azure Alerts.

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