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Data Transformation for Survey Management

By April 25, 2024No Comments
Data Transformation for Survey Management


Empower a leading company in survey management to enhance capabilities, improve operational efficiency, and achieve sustainability goals by seamlessly integrating data from third-party vendors into their system.


  • Designed and developed ASP.NET Web Core application for data migration from vendors’ APIs to client database.
  • Automated background scheduler for continuous data updates.
  • Developed functions and optimized code for processing large volumes of unstructured survey data.
  • Addressed client-specific requirements to enhance overall data processing pipeline.
  • Wrote SQL server scripts to extract and highlight key features within the data.
  • Identified and resolved data issues through thorough analysis and debugging.
Data Transformation for Survey Management


  • Established robust pipeline from unstructured survey responses to analytical dashboard.
  • Enhanced capabilities of analytical dashboard by efficiently structuring and migrating key data factors.
  • Provided valuable insights into potential impacts on analytical dashboard by identifying critical areas of concern within the data.

Tools and Technologies : 

  • C#, Dotnet, SQL Server, ASP.NET core web API, Azure.

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