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Data Migration and Consolidation for a Media Company

By April 23, 2024No Comments
Data Migration and Consolidation for a Media Company


The client, a media titan grappling with the chaos of scattered analytics platforms, sought to embark on a monumental journey of consolidating data from various data sources (GA, GAM, other third-party platforms). The mission included a seamless migration of critical data to Azure, navigating the intricate landscapes of architecture design, and ETL development.


  • Designed custom framework for seamless Azure migration.
  • Crafted 90 data pipelines for extraction and transformation.
  • Introduced monitoring application for data quality checks and pipeline failure detection.
  • Incorporated data into visualization tools like Looker and Power BI.
  • Implemented optimizations to reduce processing costs and offer tailored metrics based on business needs.
Data Migration and Consolidation for a Media Company


  • Swift issue resolution contributed to system stability.
  • Optimized architecture minimized human intervention.
  • Empowered stakeholders with data-driven decision-making capabilities.
  • Achieved 60% cost savings and transformed data management through efficient migration.
  • Reduced processing time by 45% through fine-tuned ETL pipeline execution.

Tools and Technologies : 

  • Google Analytics, GAM, Firebase, Azure Synapse Analytics, Google BigQuery, SQL Server, Snowflake, Python, SSAS Cube, Looker, Power BI.

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