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Centralizing Sales Data for Environmental Science Industry

By April 22, 2024June 7th, 2024No Comments
Centralizing Sales Data for Environmental Science Industry


The client is a globally recognized manufacturing giant in the environmental sciences industry, operates in over 50 countries, delivering products on a global scale. The company set out to establish a unified system for aggregating and analyzing sales data, covering both direct and indirect channels, with the ultimate goal of enabling more effective decision-making and operational efficiency. They encountered significant challenges due to the diverse nature of sales, fragmentation of sales data, and the presence of multifaceted data sources.


  • Created standardized data models for 10 different sources.
  • Built tailored reports and dashboards for Leadership Team, providing. comprehensive view of distributor sales and key account managers.
  • Developed platform for seamless ETL of terabytes of sales data from diverse channels.
  • Addressed regional variations and compliance requirements for universally applicable solution.
Centralizing Sales Data for Environmental Science Industry


  • Achieved 95% integration of all data sources in first year.
  • Reduced product life cycle and accelerated time-to-market by 60% through enhanced decision-making.
  • Achieved 85% user adoption rate for new systems across all regions within first
    6 months of implementation.

Tools and Technologies : 

  • Dynamics, CRM, FTP, ERP, CSV files, Azure Data Lake, Purview.
  • SQL Server, Azure Data Pipelines, Microsoft Power BI, Azure Synapse, Cluedin.

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