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Azure Cloud Migration

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Azure Cloud Migration


The client collaborates with third-party vendors Maximl and Unifii to streamline survey data collection and storage. They required support in managing and analyzing data, they ensure seamless retrieval, structuring, and storage processes, ultimately aiding organizations in optimizing operations and advancing sustainability goals.


  • Designed and developed ASP.NET Web Core application for data migration from vendors API to their database.
  • Implemented background scheduler as console application.
  • Developed functions and optimized code for structuring unstructured API data and migrating it to the database.
  • Wrote SQL server scripts to extract important features from data.
  • Analyzed and identified data issues, debugged pipelines, and performed performance tuning on API data.


  • Built pipeline from unstructured survey responses to analytical dashboard.
  • Projected key data factors for visualization in analytical dashboard.
  • Identified areas of concern in data impacting the dashboard.

Tools and Technologies : 

  • C#, DotNet, SQL Server, Git Version Control, ASP.NET core web API, Visual Studio.

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