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Should publishers panic about the iOS 18 update?

By May 24, 2024No Comments
Should publishers panic about the iOS 18 update?

Alert! You might see a 20% decrease in your Safari ad revenue after June 2024. The reason? Apple’s rumored iOS 18 update and its new Safari feature, Web Eraser.

What is a Web Eraser?

Web Eraser is an upcoming AI-powered feature in Safari that lets users customize their browsing experience by:

  • Removing unwanted elements from web pages, such as banner ads, distracting images, or sections of text.
  • Using AI to help identify and facilitate the removal of these elements.
  • Keeping unwanted content removed consistently, even after the webpage or browser is closed.

Why is this important?

This update could significantly impact publishers and the advertising market (including SSPs and Ad Networks) in the following ways:

  • Estimated Revenue Loss: We anticipate that publishers may see an average revenue drop of 20%, assuming that 30% of safari users utilize Web Eraser to eliminate ads, which accounts for approximately 80% of total inventory.
  • For Instance: Publisher A with $0.05 Average Display Revenue per User (ADRPU) and for 10M monthly safari users publisher could see a revenue loss of $150k in June if 30-40% of their users utilize Web Eraser.
Should publishers panic about the iOS 18 update?

DataBeat can help publishers adapt to the iOS 18 update and mitigate revenue loss with following recommendations:

  • Ad blocker detection with revenue recovery solutions: Implement a template/pop-up informing users that ads are only the source of income for the site and users can help the site by not removing ads using web eraser. This can help mitigate the 20% revenue loss
  • Subscription or tiered access models:  If your content is valuable enough, users might be willing to pay a subscription fee or for ad-free access.
  • Explore alternative ad formats:  Web Eraser might be more likely to target display ads.
    • Native Formats: Consider non-intrusive formats like native advertising that blends seamlessly with your content.
  • Boost Video Inventory: To offset potential losses in display ad revenue, either increase your existing video ad inventory or introduce new video ads.
  • Focus on high-quality content:  Web Eraser might be used to target intrusive ads. Make sure your ads are relevant and informative to the user’s experience.  People are less likely to erase content that adds value.

By implementing these proactive strategies, you can minimize the impact of Web Eraser and protect your ad revenue.

Stay tuned for more updates and strategies from DataBeat.

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