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CI tool – V2 Features

By January 11, 2024March 11th, 2024No Comments

Exciting News!

Our CI Tool just got a major upgrade with fantastic features that will supercharge your sales team toward unprecedented success. Version 2 is here, packed with game-changing functionalities that provide deeper insights into your data. Brace yourselves for a thrilling ride with these new additions:

Partner Management:

This section assists you in evaluating the effectiveness of the partners (SSPs) with whom you collaborate

  1. Reseller Lines Summary: Dive into the reseller world and discover the number of publishers you’re working with, the SSPs involved, all neatly summarized for quick understanding.
  2. Reseller Partner Summary:  Make strategic decisions based on a comprehensive overview of your engagement with reseller partners 
    • Reseller Domains: Get the scoop on how many domains an SSP has provided your reseller line. Ready to cut off those with minimal engagement?
    • Avg Rank of Domain: Unlock the secrets behind the rank of publishers from different SSPs. Identify partners propelling you toward top-tier domains and those catering to lower-ranked ones
    • Coverage: This helps you to determine what % of their direct connection domains the SSP has provided your resellers lines. If its low that means the SSP is not providing reseller lines to most of their Direct domains

3. Geographic Categorization: Explore new horizons! We’ve scanned the top 5K domains in EMEA and 3K domains in APAC,

  • Allowing you to assess your coverage across different regions (US, EMEA, APAC).
  • Equip your international sales team with valuable insights. Identify potential publishers in regions where your peers are thriving but you may have untapped opportunities

4. Partner Categorization: Navigate effortlessly through the competitive landscape. SSPs are now categorized into Video/CTV, Native, Audio, Multi-format, enabling easy comparison with competitors.

Get ready to revolutionize your approach, elevate your strategies, and conquer new territories with these incredible updates!

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