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Cancellation & Refund Policy

At DataBeat, we strive to provide our clients with unparalleled support and cutting-edge solutions in the realms of data analytics and ad-tech. We understand that circumstances may arise where cancellations and refunds become necessary. Therefore, we have outlined our Cancellation & Refund Policy to ensure a transparent and fair process for our valued customers.

Cancellation Policy:

1.1. Cancellation Requests:
– Clients may request cancellations for our products or services by contacting our customer support team through the designated channels provided on our website or communication platforms.

1.2. Timely Cancellation:
– To be eligible for a cancellation and refund, requests must be made within 90 days from the date of purchase or initiation of the service, as specified in the product/service terms.

1.3. Confirmation of Cancellation:
– Upon receipt of a valid cancellation request, our team will acknowledge and confirm the cancellation along with any additional instructions or steps that may be required.

2. Refund Policy:

2.1. Refund Eligibility:
– Refunds will be processed for eligible cancellations within 30 days of the cancellation request.

2.2. Refund Method:
– Refunds will be issued using the original payment method used for the purchase.

2.3. Deductions and Fees:
– Any applicable fees, transaction charges, or processing fees incurred during the purchase may be deducted from the refund amount.

2.4. Non-Refundable Products/Services:
– Certain products or services may be marked as non-refundable. Any such exclusions will be clearly communicated during the purchase process.

3. Exceptions and Special Cases:

3.1. Customized Solutions:
– For customized or tailored solutions, refund eligibility will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the extent of customization and resources utilized.

3.2. Service Utilization:
– Refunds may not be granted if the client has extensively utilized the services or if there is evidence of misuse.

4. Contacting Customer Support:

4.1. Customer Support Channels:
– For any queries, concerns, or cancellation requests, clients can reach out to our customer support team through [email protected].

4.2. Prompt Assistance:
– Our dedicated customer support team is committed to providing prompt assistance and addressing customer inquiries in a timely manner.

At DataBeat, we value our clients and aim to facilitate a seamless experience throughout their engagement with our products and services. This Cancellation & Refund Policy is designed to uphold our commitment to transparency, fairness, and customer satisfaction. If you have any further questions or require clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.