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End-to-end Ops and Tech taken care of for a publisher

By November 30, 2023March 11th, 2024No Comments


The publisher wanted DataBeat to manage end to end operations and tech behind it including onboarding, Demand approvals, trafficking, QA, On page implementation (Ad tag setup, prebid setup etc), delivery, optimization, client communication, reporting (Data management, creating dashboards for easy access), discrepancy resolution and ad quality

Our Approach

  • We’ve started by setting up the process for ads.txt updates, MCM invitation and Google Approvals. We’ve revisited site layout and traffic patterns and based on the user behavior, suggested Ad Slot positions and sizes
  • We’ve created placements/Ad units, Demand approvals from SSPs, Prebid setup and tag generations. We’ve Implemented Tags, tested on staging and scheduled live
  • Post setup, we’ve thoroughly monitored pacing reports against key KPIs and made necessary adjustments. To bring in efficiency, we’ve automated some of the KPI metrics to seamlessly look at data and take actionable steps against performance
  • We’ve further created datastudio dashboards to monitor anomalies by different dimensions and metrics. Also extensively used for billing purposes


Publisher/Client was able to get the ad operation & execution activities off their plate with experts looking into end-to-end solutions. Sales team and clients commended DataBeat for the marked improvement in service and for turning Ad Ops from a problematic area to a strategic/support function.

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