Bluetooth based digital contact tracing for COVID


To build an app that can give companies ability to monitor employee availability and workplace readiness via daily check-ins, all while ensuring the privacy and security of personal data by capturing and storing information about devices that come in contact and thereby track the contact history of a person who is infected.

Our Approach

DataBeat designed and developed this app to ensure employee safety at the workplace using Bluetooth and geofencing technology. When a mobile device comes into range of another device, the app records this as a contact, and stores this data on the individual device In the event of someone testing COVID-19 positive or showing symptoms, the encrypted data from all mobile devices will be retrieved for a specified date range to a secure cloud. The Analytics Engine then identifies the contact traces and categorizes them into high, medium, and low risk based on the number of touch points and distance.

  • These contact traces can be accessed by the HR/Management, and the exposed employees are notified to ensure the safety of them and the other employees
  • The insights provided by this app prevents a situation where the entire workforce will have to be quarantined
  • Adobe XD
  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • VS Code
  • Microsoft SQL Server