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Google Ad Manager vs Google Ad Manager 360

By December 13, 2023March 11th, 2024No Comments
Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager (GAM) is the most popular ad server and ad management platform which helps Publishers to sell and manage their online ad inventory and campaigns. GAM is a complete platform to organize and deliver ads on the website/App/CTV inventory.

There are two types of Google Ad Manager accounts: Google Ad Manager (the free version), and Google Ad Manager 360 (the paid version).

Google Ad Manager (GAM)

GAM (previously known as DFP Small Business) is a free product with a no minimum ad impressions requirement, and it is generally used by small to medium-sized Publishers.

Google Ad Manager 360 (GAM 360)

GAM 360 is a premium version of GAM designed for publishers with higher traffic levels, more complicated ad configurations, and more advanced requirements. Because of its high impressions requirement, GAM 360 is mostly used by enterprise publishers with elaborated teams to manage ad ops, ad sales, and inventory.

When will you move to GAM 360?

Google Ad Manager 360 is a paid version of GAM access for publishers who have crossed the monthly impressions limit*. Publishers can choose to use GAM until they reach the threshold.

When reaching the free ad impression limit* for your specific country, Google will start billing you for additional ad impressions. You will get contacted by Google to sign up for Google Ad Manager 360. Alternatively, publishers can also check with GAM 360 resellers to get access to an account.

Monthly impression limit depends on geography. Here is how it looks

  • 90M monthly impressions from non-video ad units for the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • 200M monthly impressions from non-video ad units for countries supported by Google in Europe and Asia.
  • 150M monthly impressions from non-video ad units + 800K monthly impressions from video ad units for all countries supported by Google to use Ad Manager.

GAM vs. GAM 360

From enabling publishers to increase revenue and ensure brand protection to benefiting them from a centralized workflow, Google Ad Manager takes its product to the next level with GAM 360.

However, the two platforms differ in their features and capabilities, with Google Ad Manager 360 offering more advanced options for high-volume publishers. Other differences include,

Integration and Reporting

Feature GAM GAM 360
Data Transfer No Yes
Google Analytics (360*) No Yes
Data Studio No Yes
Conversion Reporting No Yes

Pricing and Terms

Feature GAM GAM 360
Data Transfer No Yes
Google Analytics (360*) No Yes
Data Studio No Yes
Conversion Reporting No Yes

Inventory Management

Feature GAM GAM 360
Ad Unit Levels 2 5
Special Ad Units No Yes
Suggested Ad Units No Yes
GAM Video Basic Advanced

Admin Features

Feature GAM GAM 360
Teams No Yes
Future Sell Through Report No Yes
Google Support No Yes
Multi-Currency No Yes


Feature GAM GAM 360
Video Host Limit 30 Mb 512 MB
CPA, vCPM based campaigns No Yes
In-Banner Video Format No Yes


Feature GAM GAM 360
DMP Integration 30 MB 512 MB
First Party (Publisher Data) No Yes
Third Party Data No Yes
Multi-Currency No Yes

These were a few additional benefits of having Google Ad Manager 360. GAM 360 is a powerful tool with amazing features, but it can cost more money and take a lot of time and effort to set up. This can be challenging for some publishers to get started with GAM 360.

Here at DataBeat, we’re experienced in both GAM Small Business and 360 versions. Our expertise in the Ad Tech industry, granular campaign-level analysis, monitoring of ad performance in real-time, and data usage allows us to maximize every ad impression and the overall potential of your inventory.

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